Everything we do is person-centered, from our programs to our publications. 


Every single person is unique, with their own interests, dreams, desires and potentials. It doesn’t make sense for everyone to follow the same path. We believe people can participate in community in their own way. It just takes everyone involved being open-minded, creative, and willing to try something new.

Community Brokering

Community Brokering connects people with disabilities to live a full life of their own choosing, focused on community rather than disability-specific programs and services. 

Community Brokering begins by meeting with a Broker who gets to know you. They will learn about your friends, family, and community, and invite these people to a meeting with you to explore and support your hopes, dreams and wishes. These sessions bring everyone together to create either a PATH, which is a short-term plan, or a MAP, which is a long-term plan. Learn more. 

Community Participation

The Community Participation Initiative provides technical assistance and on-site coaching to help staff make accommodations to programs, either one-on-one or in a group setting. 

We believe you don’t have to be an expert to support people with disabilities. As your partners on the path of inclusion, we bring decades of experience and act as coaches, supporting people who want to participate in your programs and supporting your organization in making adaptations and accommodations. Learn more.

Connect Kalamazoo

Arcadia convenes a monthly meeting of organizations who are working to build a Community of Belonging by supporting inclusion, dignity and self-determination. The group meets monthly and has offered an annual Forum every year since 2010.

For information about contracting with the Arcadia Institute for speaking engagements or to obtain a copy of any of our publications, please contact us.