“I like helping people.”

— John, Community Brokering client


Community Broker





Helping others to be independent

We have known John since 2011. When we met, he was working at the Celebration Cinema in Portage, where he still works today. He says, "before I found Arcadia, I was at home a lot and I was bored. I didn't know how to get out there, have fun, and get involved in the community." John participated in a Mapping session with a Community Broker, and during this process he expressed his interest in photography. 

Through Community Participation, we helped John connect with the Kalamazoo Nature Center. He started a project photographing the land and structures around the Nature Center to help research and document erosion. 

John thrived in this role and wanted to find a way to help others. He is very good at navigating transportation in Kalamazoo. He now also works as a Peer Mentor at KCMHSAS, helping others to learn to use the bus system. He recommends Arcadia to anyone who wants to be more involved in the community.