“Arcadia feels like family.”

— Leonce, Community Brokering client


Community Broker





Fulfilling work, Independent Living

Leonce's mother reached out to us during the time when her son was transitioning out of school. When we met, Leonce rarely spoke, but he reacted positively to the possibility of living on his own and working a fulfilling job.

During Leonce's Mapping session, we learned that he always wanted to play music. We helped him connect to piano lessons and buy an electric drum set. We also learned more about his desire to live independently. Leonce imagined it, and together, we explored the work and effort it would take and then developed a plan. He got a job at Bronson Hospital and eventually got his own apartment. 

Now Leonce works in Dining Services at Kalamazoo College. He speaks much more than he used to when we first met him. He loves his job and co-workers, and being around people his own age. His favorite thing to do now when he's not working is to spend time with his friends.