This is not a program.
It's a journey.


Community Brokering connects people with disabilities to relationships and opportunities so they can live a full community life as they choose.


Our Community Brokers listen to you. We help you define your dream and make decisions about your life. We build a support system and help you move towards where you want to go. There are no tests to pass. We believe in the dignity to try something and fail, and then try something else. Our work is based on your wishes, hopes, dreams and gifts, not on standardized tests or skill assessments. We are going along with you as you explore possibilities, not evaluating you.

“This is the first time I’ve ever said this out loud: today I’ve really seen something that makes me think she could live on her own someday.”

-Father of a Community Brokering client during a mapping session


Community Brokering begins by meeting with a Broker who gets to know you. They will learn about your friends, family, and community, and invite these people to a meeting with you to explore and support your hopes, dreams and wishes. These sessions bring everyone together to create either a PATH, which is a short-term plan, or a MAP, which is a long-term plan.

Maybe you want to take a class, enter (or re-enter) the world of work, start a project or try something new. We have built an extensive community of support, and our Broker will connect you to people and places that can help you follow your dreams. We work to build a Community of Belonging by connecting with Community Partners, which are organizations that are committed to learning how to create inclusive spaces where everyone is welcomed. We go along with you, supporting both you and the organization in creating an inclusive space where you can thrive. 

For Service Providers: 

Community Brokering begins with a Personal Future Planning session that prepares for and connects people to meaningful activities, competitive employment, and inclusive living arrangements of their own choice. This pre-employment training teaches essentials like identifying strengths and gifts, navigating transportation, managing one's own volunteer experience, creating lasting community connections, and potentially using fewer services.

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