Why is Youth Brokering Important?

The blog this week was written by Dalanna Hoskins, a Community Broker at The Arcadia Institute. As a Community Broker, I have had the honor and the privilege of meeting new people, and bridging the gap between families and communities. In this day and age, I can only imagine how hard it is to be a parent and raise a child, let alone a child with physical and/or mental disabilities. Parents have the hard job teaching, caring, and navigating their children through life’s biggest challenges and decisions.

Part of my job as a broker, is to assure parents that their hard work and dedication to their children is not in vain. I also help parents break down barriers that they must face with their children, and to prepare them for the best quality of life they can possibly get.

Our youth need positive role models and community advocates to let them know that we support them, and at the same time teach them how to give respect and honor to everyone. Youth in general are bombarded with constant negative images of what it takes to make it in this world. We need to work together and embrace positive images, and provide positive support letting our youth see what the “real world” is like and how to maintain a balanced positive life.

With mental illness on the rise and 80% of American people dependent upon medication to sustain a “normal” life, we face a problem as well as a societal question of how do we deal with the day to day issues of life? Our youth face pressures that the previous generation may never have had to face when they were the same age. So what is the solution to these issues and problems youth face today?

It is overwhelming to think upon such questions, but in light of all this, I wake up every morning and tell myself “I am a problem solver” I may not fix everything that the world may face, but I help solve the issues with the families I deal with. When we have found a meaningful place in our surrounding community for them to feel safe, welcome, and at ease, then we have done our job.