What One Thing . . .

What one thing did you do on a regular basis during the past year that made a difference in your life? That’s a question that Thom Andrews, Director of ONEplace, posed in his weekly Blog titles Hurry Up and Wait. I thought it would be interesting to see how Michele, Jennifer, Dalanna and I answer that question as we reflect on the past year.

Allison: I had to think about this because this year brought lots of changes in my life and career. Almos t daily, I take time to think and jot down ideas on whatever piece of paper I can find. I don’t keep these notes in any organized manner, but I stumble upon them in a notebook, on a post it note, in notes on my iPhone, on my nightstand. I find that when I do see these notes again I’m surprised and delighted that I either accomplished the idea or I was a catalyst for someone else to do something new or different. I think I’ll keep jotting down ideas and see what 2016 holds!

Jennifer: For me, I think a key move has been communication. Whether it is making time to meet someone in person, just to check in on how they are doing, or picking up the phone and calling them. It has provided opportunities to strengthen relationships and learn more about the important things in people’s lives.

Dalanna: One thing I always do that makes a small difference would be providing service to families. Serving others is what makes the world go round. At times we forget that it is not about us all of the time, but we are able to make a difference in others lives with one small act of service. Serving does exert a lot of energy and is very humbling, which is why some choose not to do it. But serving others has its personal rewards and builds up the spirit man in each and every one of us.

Michele: A key thing I worked on this past year was staying present in the moment. I made an effort in meetings, in daily life at home, in time spent with others to stay present in the moment and not let outside distractions like my phone or thinking about what else I have to do that day interfere. It really enriched my connectedness with others and relationships.