We're not done yet!

The time for Building a Community of Belonging: A Forum of The Arcadia Institute and Its Partners is here! However, even as we experience this event we have not really arrived at our destination - yet. This is only one more, albeit exciting, step in our movement toward the vision of The Institute and Its Partners to make the Community of Kalamazoo one where all people belong.

Coming out of the Forum, facilitated by John and Connie O’Brien of Responsive Systems Associates, we will have a plan. This plan will drive the activities of our community with support from The Arcadia Institute toward our vision. In fact, we have another date set to gather and begin acting on that plan. Our date is April 25, 2011 from 9 – 11AM at a place to be determined – so stay tuned!

Even if you are not able to participate in the Forum, we want you to be part of our network. So read our weekly blog and periodical e-newsletters. Let us know what you are doing to support community participation for people with disabilities or to make Kalamazoo a place where all people belong! Together, we are creating a bright future for our Community.