Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club

This week, we wanted to share another great story that illustrates how EVERYONE benefits when individuals with disabilities are included. Peter is a young man who has had numerous health difficulties that have impacted his ability to participate in the community. He likes to play board games and meet people. The Arcadia Institute identified an opportunity to have him volunteer as the receptionist for a local non-profit organization. He enjoyed this regularly scheduled activity because it allowed him to meet new people. However, because he has short term memory problems, he had trouble remembering exactly what to do when he answered phone calls. So, The Arcadia Institute staff met with him to see if we could find a better fit for his skills.

Since Peter indicated that he likes to play games, particularly with his nieces and nephews, The Arcadia Institute contacted the Boys and Girls Club to see if they need volunteers to play games with their members. The Boys and Girls club was thrilled to have a volunteer come play games with the kids. Since then, Peter has been volunteering a couple of hours, twice a week. This has been a good fit for him. And it has brought back memories from when he was younger and he was a member of the Club!

Join us in our mission to help make it possible for people with disabilities to be welcomed, supported and respected in our community!