Tis the Season for Giving

In the course of our work to help people with disabilities to have opportunities to participate in community activities and programs of their choice, there can be challenges. One challenge for many of our Participants is the ability to fully pay registration fees or costs for equipment. We work diligently to use resources the Participants already have access to before we use our funding. Also, if it will not be possible to sustain funding for someone to participate in an activity in one organization, we try our best to find alternatives that are low to no cost. If you are supportive of the work of The Arcadia Institute please consider a gift this season. You may be helping a young girl go to a cheerleading tournament, a person take an art class for the first time or even purchase software that talks for someone with a visual disability.

If you are willing to make a contribution to The Arcadia Institute you can do so through our Pay Pal button.

Thank you.