Working as a Team to Support Participation

In the Community Participation Initiative, we assume, and have found it to be true, that community organizations and programs are very interested in including people with disabilities. What they ask of us is support. The Community Participation Initiative Staff offer training and ongoing support, but we also encourage organizations to connect to each other for ideas and suggestions to accommodate anyone who participates in their programs. Below are some tips for working together to support individuals with disabilities so they can be successful participating in programs:

  1. Build relationships among staff, parents, family, support coordinators and especially the person with the disability so that communication is open.
  2. Determine what training needs or information is necessary for the staff to support the individual with disabilities.
  3. Continually evaluate and adjust programming as necessary.
  4. Consider what successful participation looks like for the individual with disabilities. It may be different from what success looks like for others.
  5. Assess the facilities for accessibility. Identify necessary changes in the physical environment, potential accommodations, and possible adaptations for the program.

If you have questions or other ideas please contact us!