Supporting The Community Participation Initiative

When kids go to camp, they gain valuable experiences. Whether they are playing, exploring nature, conquering new heights, or creating a masterpiece, they are building relationships and gaining independence.It’s no different for kids with disabilities.

The Community Participation Initiative, a fast growing movement developed by The Arcadia Institute, makes it possible for children and adults with disabilities to participate fully in all aspects of community life, as they choose.

  • We have helped make community participation possible for nearly 200 youth and adults in our community!
  • We train over 300 summer program and camp staff each year, which serve thousands of children each summer.
  • We have helped build the capacity of a number of organizations in the Kalamazoo area to include individuals with disabilities in a manner that benefits both the organization AND the participant!

When you support The Community Participation Initiative you help provide

  • training and ongoing coaching for program staff at community agencies and organizations
  • funding to help cover costs for individuals with disabilities, including transportation, program costs and personal support staff costs

You can help make a difference in how many people we are able to train and how many individuals with disabilities are given the opportunity to pursue their interests and goals.

Support the mission of The Arcadia Institute to make it possible for people with disabilities to be welcomed, supported and respected in their community by donating online now!