Summer of New Experiences

This week's blog was written by Craig Campbell our Summer 2011 Intern. Craig has been helping at a few organizations to support their staff to successfully include children and youth with disabilities. The summer of 2011 has provided me the opportunity to work in a field that I have not previously had much experience with.

Some things I have done and some places I have been on site this summer: Training Sessions: Myself, Allison, and Hyun have done a lot of training sessions over the course of just about a month and there was so much that I learned by working with them and the audiences we presented to. The ideas that these groups had, whether big or small, were all very creative and I feel like every time we left I learned something new about inclusion and working with people with disabilities.

Boys & Girls Club Kalamazoo: I have had the opportunity of working at the BGC for a majority of the summer and I have worked with some very fun and interesting people and members. I have helped out with their Summer Arts Academy, Drop-in, and their recent annual trip to South Haven. What the staff there does day in and day out to be there for their members and their families is nothing short of amazing. The BGC members have the opportunity to go to a place where they can hang out with children of all ages and stay out of trouble. The BGC is a true asset to the Kalamazoo community.

The Nature Center Kalamazoo: Though only for a week, I assisted the Nature Center during one of their many camps. I had never been to the Nature Center previously and I have learned a lot about what it is they do and how they teach children about nature and being environmentally responsible. The opportunity that these children have in attending camps here is something I wish I could have experienced as a child.