It's Time To Plan for Summer!

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner and most summer programs and camps are taking registrations! Some programs and camps are already filling up! We are often asked by parents or care givers, “How do I choose a camp for my child?” This question can be particularly challenging if your child has a disability and will be trying a new program for the first time. Our response is to look at this list of talents or interests your child may have and go from there.

Does my child enjoy:

Visual arts Music Dance/theater Science Nature Math Reading Writing Sports Games

Once you know what your child is interested in trying, answer the question, “What kinds of support will my child need to be successful in a program?” Does your child need to have accessible facilities, help with medication, support for behavior challenges, communication devices, etc.

Most of the summer camps and programs that we have worked with have staff committed to including all children. Their registration forms ask about the support children need no matter what the situation. Camp directors will contact parents to learn more about a child’s needs and offer an opportunity for families to visit. Often arrangements can be made to meet camp counselors ahead of time.

Set your summer up for success and contact The Arcadia Institute if you have questions or need support to make your child’s summer fun!