Summer Success Story

We have talked often about how when individuals with disabilities areincluded in the community, everyone benefits. This week, we wanted to share a story about one of our participants, how he pursued his interests and how he found a great fit at one of our partner organizations, the Nature Center.

Ron is a young man with autism. He is quite active in the community and works at a local movie theater. Ron was looking for new experiences and primarily places where he could use his love of nature photography. We contacted the Kalamazoo Nature Center to see if they ever had volunteer photographers for their promotional literature. We discovered that they do use photographers for a variety of tasks so we set up a meeting for Ron to meet the Nature Center staff. They suggested some great ideas and, as a result, Ron is enjoying being a photo-monitor for the Nature Center. Erosion tracking is very important to the Nature Center and now Ron is taking pictures of stairs around the property to help track erosion.