Community Broker: Successful Youth Story

The blog this week was written by Dalanna Hoskins, Community Broker with Youth. Brokering Develops Family Relationships

I am proud to write for all to see on the progress of one of our participants of the Arcadia Institute. For the sake of confidentiality we will name him Maxwell Smart.

For those of us who work as brokers, we have come to learn how to be patient, think outside the box and how to work with not just the individual, but key members of the persons family as well. Maxwell’s mother is a very hard working lady. She makes sure that all questions are answered when it comes to Maxwell’s safety and wellbeing. She is very much like my mom. She is protective, caring, and will call anyone out that does not have Maxwell’s best interest at heart. Maxwell’s mother and I have bonded over the past 6 months since working with him. My relationship with her has been a learning experience for me, and I appreciate who she is as a concerned parent who wants what is best for her son.

Because of this blossoming relationship, Maxwell has been able to volunteer at the Nature Center since the 10th of June once a week. He has loved every bit of it. He has developed a relationship with Garden Coordinator Dave Brown and his parents who are regular gardeners, and the Volunteer Coordinator Rose Norwood.

Two weeks ago the Nature Center celebrated their volunteers and Maxwell’s mother was able to attend along with him. This event introduced his mother to those that work closely with Maxwell. She was able to see how much her son was appreciated and that his gifts and talents were being used with purpose. She also has a higher level of trust, and is able to let her son get closer to the independence he may one day have.

This is what we are about, here at the Arcadia Institute. We are all about connecting our people with their community, sharing their gifts and talents as well as building relationships with the parents and families of the participants we work with.