BINGO! Another Community Participation Success Story

When we first met with Hal (name changed), he had gone through quite a few life changes, as all people do as they age. He had been quite independent through his life, but some health issues and moving to a new apartment had left him less confident. So his goals for community participation were to meet new people and also to gain confidence to ride the bus again. Hal loves Bingo. He used to call numbers for Bingo games. Did I mention that Hal is visually impaired – so he has his own set of Braille Bingo numbers?

We contacted an assistive living organization that we have worked with before. Yes they would love to have someone volunteer to call Bingo for their Friday games.

Now Hal calls Bingo and has only missed one Friday. The residents enjoy him and are very appreciative that he speaks very clearly and isn’t too fast. Also, Hal is working toward getting to the facility via the bus. He can now find the bus stop which is a block from his home and is getting ready to venture out for more independence!