Stumbling and Bumbling on the Way Towards Inclusion

The blog this week was written by Deborah Warfield, a Community Broker at The Arcadia Institute. Stumbling and Bumbling on the Way Towards Inclusion There were several old mindsets that lived in a shoe They were so darn excluding they didn't know what to do So they hung out with Community Brokers some days Stumbling and bumbling towards other new ways Of inclusion and acceptance More respectable ways Planting news seeds Valuing capabilities

Takes more than some broth without any bread Or whipping them soundly before putting them to bed

A pinch of the risky A dash of some grace To shape a new mindset To impact a place

Where everyone around feels accepted and valued Safe to construct a healthier community all around Slower to speak, quicker to listen Admitting offenses....sometimes like fishin'

At the end of the days old mindsets were new Much more equipped to know better what to do