Shining the Light Through Stories

“When you tell your story, you shine a light on the truth.”Zainab Salbi, Founder of Women for Women International

The theme for our past few Blogs has been Shining the Light which is what Community Brokers do as they work with people with disabilities. Sometimes the light reveals true barriers for full community participation for people such as stigma, low expectations, or lack of accommodations. When we see these obstacles, our obligation is to turn the light to that of possibility and opportunity for full community participation.

Recently I saw Zainab Salbi on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday program. She travels through war torn countries listening to the stories of women who have experienced and survived horrific atrocities. She shares the stories of women who have overcome and succeeded through the organization she founded called Women for Women International.

While people with disabilities may or may not experience these extreme situations, they often still find themselves marginalized, living in poverty or segregated from the rest of the community. Staff at The Arcadia Institute hear these stories and work hard through Community Brokering to interrupt these patterns. We support people to become fully part of their community. We work to change the stories into possibilities, opportunities and success.

Over the years that The Arcadia Institute has blogged, we have shared many stories of people with disabilities who have been shining the light on successful community participation. Here are some of them.

Would you like to tell a story and shine the light on community participation for people with disabilities?