The blog this week was written by George T. Martin, President of The Arcadia Institute. “If you weren’t doing it this way now, would you start right now doing it this way”

The title for this blog is a quote from Peter Drucker, one of the most influential writers of our time in the field of business leadership, management and innovation.

This simple question prods me to examine what I am doing, what I really need to be doing, and to label all the weak reasons I am not doing what I really need to be doing for what they are—excuses. The question provokes me to directly confront what my priorities need to be at this time, what my proper focus needs to be right now. It also reminds me that I have it within my power to take action on my priorities.

We are not defined by our circumstances, unless we allow ourselves to be. We are not doomed like Sisyphus (In Greek mythology Sisyphus was sentenced for eternity to roll a huge stone up a hill, let it roll back down the hill from the top, walk down and roll the stone back up again.) We are not bound by current routines or deeply ingrained habits formed over whatever period of time.

There are, to be sure, limits to what we can and cannot do, but how many of us have pushed very far against those limits?

As I apply these thoughts to our work with people with disabilities and the community, I realize that we cannot do everything, when we want to do it, and as we choose. We cannot by ourselves create the kind of world we think is desirable. What we can do is to devote each day to work with others to create the kind of places where all belong simply by virtue of being human.