The blog this week was written by George Martin, President of The Arcadia Institute. Our neighbor who avoids the outdoors in cold weather is now appearing regularly.

Several robins have appeared in my backyard. 

The sun is shining, and when the sun is shining more things seem possible.

Beth Mount, who spent two days with us last week, gently pointed us toward thinking in terms of possibilities.

In Kalamazoo, we and the network we take part in have heard this message. Yet, in order to continue to focus on the strengths and capacities of people with disabilities, in order remember that it is not our place to assure anyone among us that he or she has a 'place' in our community, in order to continue to keep ourselves informed that admission to the community is no one's prerogative to give, in order to keep it ever before us that being in community is a natural right, just as surely as it is self evident that all of us are created equal, it was good to have Beth Mount come to our town and remind us that the possibilities that each one of us can act on, are available to us all.

The fact that our ancestors did not understand that here in America that people of color and people with disabilities were actually part of our human compact, if not the social contract that our founders bought into, makes  the common humanity of us all no less an entitlement.  That compact gives assurance to all that all us have the same possibilities as a human right, and if we do not have the same capabilities to make them realities, we are entitled to get the learning possibilities and the support we need to pursue them.