Photography: A Participant's Story

In previous blogs, we have talk about working with the Kalamazoo Nature Center and have focused on the summer camp programs for children. However, we have started to create ways for Participants who are adults to be involved in some different ways. One of our Participants, John told us that he loves photography. Now, he volunteers at The Nature Center and pursues his interest in photography. Here is a recent interview with John about his experiences at The Nature Center. Tell me about yourself: I'm John and I like to take photos of nature, leaves, the sky. I also like to play video games. I work at a movie theater.

What do you like about photography? What I enjoy about photography is that it is one of my hobbies. I like to take pictures of leaves in the fall and the sunset at Lake Michigan.

What are you doing to use your photography hobby? I'm doing photo-monitoring of stair erosion on the paths at the Kalamazoo Nature Center. In May, I liked taking pictures of the stairs because they were very interesting. I also took some pictures of the sky. And it was a good hike to walk the paths because I need the exercise.

What other photography did you do at the Nature Center? The opportunity to be a camp photographer at the Kalamazoo Nature Center came when Allison was looking for more ways for me to do photography.

What did you like about being out at camp? I enjoyed chatting with the campers and learning some things. Hanging out with the kids was fun. It was nice to work with the camp staff, too. One of the camp counselors was someone I went to High School with. He said' “You look familiar. You went to High School with me.”

What did you learn? I learned about habitats and also I learned about history of the trails.

Would you like to take pictures at camp again next summer? I want to go back again next summer. And the reason is that I'll get to meet more people and stuff like that.

This month, John will go back to photograph the stairs around the Nature Center property. He is getting to be a familiar face and people look for him to be there. In other words, in addition to John's family and work, he has found another place where he belongs.