People who Make a Difference

The blog was written by Dr. Allison Hammond, Executive Director of The Arcadia Institute. At the recent Connect Kalamazoo meeting, Deborah Warfield made some comments in tribute to George Martin former President of The Arcadia Institute. Deborah noted that there were four of us at that meeting who had been greatly inspired to leadership by George:

Deborah Warfield, Executive Director of The Media Arts Academy and Gurlz of Color Allison Kennedy, Executive Director for Fire Historical and Cultural Center Michele Momotiuk, Administrative Assistant of The Arcadia Institute Allison Hammond, Executive Director of The Arcadia Institute

George always calls out the best in people that he works with and challenges them to continually develop their leadership abilities. He asks questions about what we value and what we want to see happen in our community beyond the current job positions we hold. In looking back at past blogs written by George, I found this one about Community Participation and thought in tribute it would be worthwhile to share it again.

At the Arcadia Institute and through Connect Kalamazoo we continue to work to support the community to be responsible for welcome people with disabilities as participants and employees.

For more information you can contact Allison Hammond at or 269-217-2205