Pebbles Make Ripples

The blog this week was written by Deborah Warfield, a Community Broker at The Arcadia Institute. Welcome, supported and respected can only be measured by the impact that is made. Here at the Arcadia Institute we pay very close attention to the impact that we can make in the area of opening the eyes of the community around opportunities for more inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities.

I liken the work that we do to the casting of a pebble into a body of water that makes a ripple. Arcadia staff members "pebble" themselves into the lives and networks of our "bodies of water" within this community.

A few examples of this rippling is when we impact the individuals by challenging them to imagine/envision themselves expanding their gifts and talents more deeply into their communities. We impact in another rippling fashion when families find out that their loved one is connecting with The Arcadia Institute. It challenges family members to begin to view their loved ones with developmental disabilities in a different light. Especially when they hear of goals that have never been perceived of by the individuals as reachable. The other important ripples happen in the "bodies of water" within organizations, businesses, groups and schools that have chosen to adjust and accommodate in efforts to become more inclusive.

In closing, how many of us have heard our elders, friends, teachers and family remind us as we grow up, that we should do something that makes an impact. In the Navajo tradition it is understood that their moccasins that are worn upon their feet are actually walking prayers. Everywhere they walk they intend to impact and bless. Everywhere The Arcadia Institute moves we intend to be like a pebble in the water, troubling the waters in a beautiful but intentionally transforming way.