Passing the baton

The blog this week was written by Judy Huth, Board President of The Arcadia Institute. The conversations that started the Arcadia Institute in 1994 sprang from the passion and commitment of George Martin. George had a vision that he was able to articulate in a way that others could understand and support. Those of you that know George are aware that his passion is expressed less through sound and fury, and more through quiet determination and persistent persuasion. He has a national reputation as a thought leader in the field of inclusion for those with developmental disabilities. He has not only ensured the success of the Institute, but has developed an amazing staff who share his passion and vision.

And now, more than 20 years of successful leadership later, he’s ready to retire and pass the baton to the next generation. And fortunately for the Arcadia Institute, Allison Hammond is the perfect person to receive that baton. Allison has been the Program Director at the Arcadia Institute since 2008 and will assume the role of Executive Director on April 1st. In addition to her experience at the Institute, Allison has an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from WMU and has worked as a School Readiness Coordinator and with the Special Olympics. She is also an active community volunteer, serving organizations including Housing Resources, Inc., Junior League of Kalamazoo, United Way and the Kalamazoo Drop-In Child Care Center.

Please join the Board of the Arcadia Institute in thanking George Martin for his immeasurable contributions to this organization and the field at large. We truly owe our existence to his foresight and leadership. And due to his mentoring skills, the board had the perfect candidate available when he decided to retire. We congratulate Allison on her new role as the leader of the Institute. Building on the organization’s legacy, we look forward to her plans for growth and innovation. Under her guidance, the future looks bright indeed.