Partner Spotlight: Southwest Michigan Council of Boy Scouts

So much of what we learn as children affects our adult lives. This is why many important lessons, like sharing, are taught to young children. But these basic ideas and lessons aren’t the only things children can learn. Through guidance and support, they can learn about teamwork, doing the right thing, self-confidence and the value of helping others. These lessons (and many more) are taught by the Southwest Michigan Council of Boy Scouts. A child with experience in the Boy Scouts learns the confidence to face challenges, make decisions and try new things. They also learn how to work together and support each other.

The Southwest Michigan Council of Boy Scouts has joined the Arcadia Institute and its partners in their effort to Build a Community of Belonging here in the Greater Kalamazoo area. Whether it’s trying something new or finally succeeding on a difficult task, earning confidence helps an individual grow. The Arcadia Institute and the Southwest Michigan Council of Boy Scouts are dedicated to the idea that improving the individual improves the community as a whole.

Together, we want to make Kalamazoo a place where all people belong!