Community Brokering: A Parent's Perspective

The blog this week was written by Dedrenna Hoskins, mother of a participant in Community Brokering at The Arcadia Institute. In the fall of 2012, Isaiah and I were introduced to a new set of words we had not heard together before, that I thought would be a great fit for Isaiah, and they were “community brokering”. Mrs. Helen Clary from Community Mental Health was performing her monthly visits when she recognized my frustration with the fact that Isaiah was not growing and she suggested a new program that she said had recently started and that may be good for Isaiah. Mrs. Clary mentioned the Arcadia Institute, which we had had a meeting with one its representative some months prior and there was little that they could do to help at that time. I immediately wanted to dismiss any further discussion at that time except “this would be such a good fit for Isaiah and his growth” kept running in my mind. To make a not so good beginning and long story short, I am very glad that I did not dismiss further discussion and eventually meeting with two new representatives one of which is family friend and has been for many years, Ms. Deborah Warfield, and the other is Jennifer Goodwill. Everything from that initial displacement on has been just the right fit.

On March 9, 2013, Isaiah had what we his close family call his “New Introduction Party.” That is where Mrs. Allison Hammond, Ms. Deborah Warfield and Mrs. Jennifer Goodwill (leaders within the Arcadia Institute) helped to facilitate along with Isaiah’s sister, Ms. Dalanna Hoskins, his father, Mr. Terrence Hoskins and I his mother helped Isaiah to introduce himself and his plans for his new beginning before family and friends who desire to be a part of this growth process.

There have been many dead ends, detours and speed bumps along the way but we could always count on Jennifer and Deborah to give us the encouragement we needed. Their encouragement allowed all who wanted to see Isaiah’s world around him begin to grow and to see his wings emerge and begin to fly.

There are many more roads to travel and we look optimistically to the future and the fullness of Isaiah to be expressed. We know that there is synergy where the whole (community) is greater than the sum of its parts individuals (within the community) and that every part (individual) is important and vital to the whole. All people desire to be considered as important and that is what we believe the community brokers do. To help the community at large one company, institution at a time to be fit with one or more of our special individuals and vice versa. We are all only as good as we can be if all of us are working together to allow everyone to fit into the fellowship of community.