Partner Spotlight: Kalamazoo Nature Center

The mission of the Kalamazoo Nature Center is very clear. By connecting people to the natural world around them, they hope to inspire everyone to care for their environment. The idea is that everyone – no matter who you are – can learn to appreciate nature and learn to care for the environment. Through their camp and education programs, the Nature Center reaches out to all members of the Kalamazoo community and invites them to be a part of their mission.

This outlook has been the basis of their partnership with the Arcadia Institute.

The Nature Center continues to support the Arcadia Institute and its mission to create a positive environment for people with disabilities. Not only does the Nature Center achieve this through its own programs, but also through its support of the Building a Community of Belonging Forum.

Working with Arcadia and other organizations in the community, the Nature Center is working to conserve a different kind of environment in Kalamazoo: one where all people belong.