Why The Nature Center is Committed to Inclusion

The Kalamazoo Nature Center has been at the forefront of community participation for people with disabilities for quite awhile. Jenny Metz, Experiential Education Director, has work very intentionally to create the camping programs for all children and youth. The Nature Center has also opened its doors to adults with disabilities who are looking for volunteer opportunities. For the third year, The Nature Center is a partner in the Building a Community of Belonging Forum presented by The Arcadia Institute. Recently, Jenny was asked why the Nature Center continues to be committed to this effort. She gave three very clear statements:

“It is important to get together with like-minded groups to brainstorm, network, learn and share so we don’t get stuck in a rut.”

“Learning new things so we are energized to build the capacity to include all people in our programs and activities of our organization.”

“Basically, it is the right thing to do because everyone should be welcome in all aspects of public life.”

Jenny as an individual has been valuable to the planning process for Building a Community of Belonging. We invite you to read more about the Forum by visiting here.