The Just Right Fit

Carrie is a woman who is quite independent. She loves to take the bus to the store, the library and even the museum. She told us that she wanted to play Bingo. We found a place that would be convenient for her to use the bus to go play, but we encouraged her “check out” the place first. For an inexperienced Bingo player it is a complicated game that moves really fast. Avid Bingo players are not there to socialize. In fact if you talk during a game you are quickly and firmly shushed!

After a couple times at this Bingo Hall, Carrie decided that that was not worth learning to how get there on the bus. Playing Bingo wasn’t what she had expected.

In conversation with Carrie, we learned that what she really wanted was a chance to meet new people and build a social network. She revealed that she had attended a nearby church several times. We contacted the church and learned that they have a women’s group that meets once a month. So we went with her to visit the women’s group. The women were very welcoming and now Carrie has been going regularly.

On a recent visit, to see how things are going – Carrie continues to attend church, goes to the women’s group and participates in some other church fellowship activities.

What we learned from this experience is that you have to continue to listen to find out what a person is really looking for in their community.