It's Not about the Office

Since I have worked for The Arcadia Institute, we have had office space in a variety of very interesting places. We started out in a building on Western Michigan University's campus that was tucked in a corner office. Next we ventured to the Kalamazoo Enterprise Center on Parson's. It was the home of Gibson Guitar many years ago. Our next stop was a classroom in an old school building owned by New Genesis which is a youth program in Kalamazoo. Recently, we have continued the classroom theme and have been working out of a portable classroom building on the property of Second Baptist Church. We share that building with a used car dealership. Now we are moving to a house that was converted into a doctor's office about 25 years ago. The office has also been used by an architect and a computer programming company. Now we are moving in and it feels like a great move.

Why am I telling you about where The Arcadia Institute has been located? Well because frankly it doesn't really matter where our office is. The Arcadia Institute through our Community Brokering process and Connect Kalamazoo facilitation our work is about THE COMMUNITY. We are most often found out in the community. We meet people in coffee shops, parks, recreation centers, apartments, homes, etc. You can find us at the library, The Nature Center, Camp Rota Kiwan, schools and transportation training. We meet people where they are and to introduce them to the community.

If you would like more information about The Arcadia Institute, Community Brokering or Connect Kalamazoo contact Allison Hammond at