Have you thought about . . .

Recently, I heard a presentation about a school district that is planning a career day for middle school students. It sounded very exciting as area business in the areas of manufacturing, health care, technology, arts and communication will be available to provide the students hands on experiences with those careers. The idea is to help students connect what they are learning in school to future career opportunities. In other words, answering questions like “Why am I learning algebra? I’m never going to use it.” Reflecting later on the presentation, I began to wonder if students receiving special education services will be included in this career day. So often, students with disabilities are not included in school system wide events with everyone else. In fact, we see special education professionals creating separate transition/career fairs for students with disabilities.

So my questions is “Have you thought about truly including all students in system wide activities?”

What are some other questions that we might think about when we are working toward making Kalamazoo a Community Where Everyone Belongs?