Grow The Good

The blog this week was written by Michele Momotiuk, Administrative Assistant at The Arcadia Institute. Recently, I heard the expression “Grow the Good” and it really struck a chord with me. The speaker was talking about our food system and focusing on programs that work well and growing them instead of trying to fix all the problems.

A problem solving mentality starts with the assumption that something is bad, a problem, and needs to be fixed. There are many things that can get in the way of fixing a problem. For one, identifying the problem and getting people to agree on it is often a barrier. Then, many of the solutions that have been thought up to solve problems often create bigger and worse problems.

A “Growing the Good” approach is a more positive way to affect change. Find something that is working and doing good, and grow it. Focusing on what is good instead of what is a problem can be a mind shift that could be very powerful. Expanding on that good could have huge impact.

I see examples of this in the work my colleagues do with individuals. In the MAP process they use, they start with a person’s story, dream, and list the gifts that person has. They spend time figuring out how to grow those gifts and find places in the community where that person can share their gifts and work towards their dreams. By growing the good one person at a time, they are improving our community that is receiving the gifts that person has to share.