A Good Day to Recognize Gifts

The blog this week was written by George T. Martin, President of The Arcadia Institute. This is the time of year when most of us give gifts that are wrapped in bright paper, and it is the day when most of us open them. I want to share a few stories about gifts that people who participate with us bring to others through what they do.

There are the few people who volunteer at the weekly dinner at the Presbyterian Church and the church members who welcome them with open arms, including giving rides to and from the church.

There is the young man who recently started volunteering at the YMCA. He greets people; he folds towels; he works with young people. He is a part of the team that makes the Y what it is.

Then there is an organization, the Portage District Library, which created a collection of high interest/low reading ability books in the adult section so that adults with disabilities do not have to go to the children’s section to get books they can read. They call this collection “Ready Reads”.

Look around you and notice the ways that people make gifts that don’t come in pretty packages. You will discover that some of the ‘givers’ are people we often tend to think of as ‘receivers’ only. More and more people in the community are beginning to understand the many ways that people with disabilities make contributions that make our good community even better.