Giving Back to My Community

“I would like to volunteer – especially with places for children. I remember growing up there were so many people and groups, like Easter Seals, who helped me – I want to give back.” Erika When we first met Erika, she had just moved into a new home Kalamazoo. She was learning her new neighborhood, getting her household organized and finding her way around town. While this was going to take some time, Erika wanted to get involved as soon as possible. She knew that was the way for her to feel like she really belonged in her new community.

First, Erika began volunteering for Housing Resources, Inc. (HRI). She helps with all kinds of clerical work. The HRI staff really enjoys Erika’s positive attitude and ability to do filing work. She brings these skills with her from when she was a file clerk in a family member’s law office.

Now Erika is thrilled that she has been accepted as a volunteer receptionist for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Greater Kalamazoo. She has also interviewed for the possibility of becoming a Big Sister.

While Erika is giving back to her community, HRI and Big Brothers/Big Sisters are providing her with opportunities to share her gifts. Don’t we all feel like we belong to our community when we give back?