Exploring Hospitality as We Build a Community of Belonging

"Hospitality rightly understood is premised on the notion that the stranger has much to teach us. It actively invites “otherness” into our lives to make them more expansive, including forms of otherness that seem utterly alien to us.” Parker Palmer, Five Habits of the Heart On March 24, 2016, the 7th Annual Building a Community of Belonging Forum of The Arcadia Institute and Its Partners, we welcome everyone to join in conversations about what true hospitality is in our community. Where do we find people actively inviting people who may not be just like us into their lives? How does welcoming everyone to be part of the community make all of our lives better? What can we learn from each other so that we can extend hospitality even more broadly?

Join us! Below is more information about the Connect Kalamazoo: Where EVERYONE Belongs image

Connect Kalamazoo has meetings once a month and conducts an annual Forum called Building a Community of Belonging. For more information contact Allison Hammond, ahammond@thearcadiainstitute.org or 269-217-2205.

What is Connect Kalamazoo? A network of individuals and organizations: • Supporting each other to welcome and support everyone. • Encouraging the community to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to share their gifts. • Working towards making Kalamazoo a place where everyone belongs. • Conducting an annual Forum since 2010.

Who is the Connect Kalamazoo Network? Some of the community organizations that are partners and supporters of the Connect Kalamazoo Network are: • The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kalamazoo • The Kalamazoo Nature Center • The YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo • The Media Arts Academy • Portage District Library • Southern Shores Field Service Council of Boy Scouts of America • YMCA Sherman Lake Camp • The Arc Community Advocates • Advocacy Services for Kids • And many more.