Everyone Has A Voice

Sometimes when we’re responsible for someone, it’s easy to get caught up in what we need to do for them. We forget what they can do for us. Last Sunday we experienced several reminders of how people with disabilities can make valuable contributions to their community. As part of a fund raising event for Urban Blend Coffee House, two people sang, a third person danced, and a fourth person displayed some of his drawings.

This event provided a great illustration of individuals, and The Arcadia Institute, taking responsibility for others in our community. Giving Urban Blend our support runs contrary to the usual story we hear about people with disabilities, and nonprofit organizations, asking the community to support them.

Making contributions to others is one of the key outcomes of our Community Participation Initiative. Our efforts have resulted in close to $1000 in contributions that will help Urban Blend open their doors in the near future.

The event also illustrated our commitment to the principle of diversity. The fifty-plus people who attended were a good mix of people from different walks of life; from the Northside and people from other parts of the community.

To carry out our mission of supporting people with disabilities to participate fully in community life, The Arcadia Institute will continue to assume responsibility for building a strong community for all people. In a community where all people belong, all have a voice and all make contributions.