Documenting our Work

The blog this week was written by Michele Momotiuk, Administrative Assistant at The Arcadia Institute. Since I began working at the Arcadia Institute, documentation has always been a current flowing through the work we do. As the Community Brokering process was being defined; documenting the plan, work flow, and outcomes was the work of the organization. As we moved into doing the work of Community Brokering, documentation became important for other reasons. Time spent with individuals needs to be documented in order for the organization to get paid by our funding entity. Progress towards goals needs to be documented in order for individuals to be continued to be authorized to work with us. Our outcomes of meaningful activities, housing and employment in the community need to be documented to show that we are achieving the goals for community brokering and making a difference with the work we do.

We spent time initially creating the outcomes we wished to track as well as evaluating and updating them several times as we really got into the work of community brokering. We were able to refine our database to make the entry of results easier for the Community Brokers doing the work so as to minimize the time they spend entering data. We have spent time refining our reports to best reflect the work we are doing.

The following is an excerpt from our monthly report to show what outcomes we are looking at to evaluate the work we are doing.

Monthly Report for November 2014

Documentation helps us to let people know how effective we are, and more importantly, keeps us on track toward fulfilling our mission.