Creating a Culture of Inclusion

This week, we'd like to share some information from a presentation given at the “Building a Community of Belonging” forum last March. Chris Broadbent,Youth and Family Program Director from the Greater Kalamazoo YMCA and Jenny Metz, Experiential Education Director from the Nature Center presented a workshop called, “Creating a Culture of Inclusion.” Their theme was:

Organizations who include all people show characteristics that are useful to all aspects of their success. Inclusion is good for everyone all the time. Thriving, successful, good business, adaptable. Always a journey. Looks and lives different for everyone.

Organizations who are inclusive may have significant differences, but they share some common characteristics as well.

  1. They communicate well – from their policies and procedures to resources and support. Issues are dealt with in a transparent, respectful manner. There is integrity and follow though.
  2. Planning and evaluation are an integral part of operations. Being goal oriented while being intentional about self evaluation is key. Outside consultation, coaching and support is used when needed.
  3. The attitude of staff from top management down creates a welcoming environment of creativity, flexibility and belonging.

We were so pleased that Chris and Jenny spoke about inclusion from their perspective. The bottom line, they said, is that inclusion is GOOD for business!

To find out more about the forum and ongoing meetings for Building a Community of Belonging, please contact The Arcadia Institute.