Community Participation Training 2011

We just wrapped up camp staff training week. As always, when we go to camps we find dedicated, enthusiastic and welcoming people. These mostly college and high school aged young people are committed to being sure that all children and youth who come to their programs have successful experiences. One young man at the Camp Rota Kiwan training for the 3rd year said, “You guys always have something new to teach us that we can use at camp.”

Thank you to my colleagues Hyun Berkley, Craig Campbell and Josh Stevens for the awesome job they did presenting a lot of information in a fun and interactive manner.

If you want information about having us provide training for your staff you can contact us via this website or call 269-254-8224.

Also, we have two other informational DVD’s that we can share with your group:

1. The Community Participation Initiative: The Kalamazoo Experience 2. Living with Autism in Our Community

Both are about 15 minutes long and offer an opportunity for people to discuss how the Community can become responsible of welcoming, support and respecting individuals with disabilities.