Community of Belonging Stars

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that we recently held the second annual Building a Community of Belonging Forum. The purpose of the Forum is to bring the community together and discuss ways we can make Kalamazoo better. We know that sometimes it’s one person at a time! The Arcadia Institute feels that Kalamazoo has a leadership role in this movement and is an example to communities around the nation. We also feel that it’s because of the people who live here that we’re able to say that.

Do you know someone working to make our community one where all people belong? We want to hear about them so we can recognize their efforts!

We’re looking for people who…

-Do their best to make everyone feel welcome.

-Take the time to get to really get to know the people around them.

-Set an example for others with their attitude and actions.

We want to share their stories in future blog articles, as an example to all who read and a reminder to keep up the great work!

To share someone’s story with us, please fill out the form here. We’ll be collecting responses until May 10th, so please take the time to recognize the people making a difference in the Kalamazoo community!