The Community Liaison Project

In January 2012, The Arcadia Institute joined in an agreement with The Wayne State University Developmental Disabilities Institute called the Community Liaison Project. The purpose of the project is to meet with adults and children with disabilities and share with them all of the possibilities for them in the community in the areas of housing and community activities. As we have worked with people in the Community Liaison Project, we have learned more about housing options for people with disabilities in our community. And frankly the opportunities for independent living in one’s own apartment are quite limited. For one thing, apartments that are accessible tend to be clustered together. Also, some apartment management agencies tend to have certain apartments designated for people with disabilities of any kind. Add to this the fact that low-income housing and apartments tend to be grouped together as well. Options are limited.

This made us realize that there is much work to be done to have more housing options for people with disabilities. Given the limitations, how can we mobilize the whole community to increase the options for people to live among all of us, not set apart in special areas.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.