Community Brokering- A Siblings Perspective

The blog this week was written by Dalanna Hoskins, a new Community Broker at The Arcadia Institute. When I was told that I was invited to a “forum” for my brother Isaiah Hoskins, I thought to myself, “Sure, but what is this forum about?” I was quickly corrected by my mother, Dedrenna Hoskins, that this was not a forum, but more of a plan for Isaiah’s future along with other close friends and relatives who care deeply for him. I was on board either way, anything to support my brother in whatever he needs. I was pleasantly surprised that this “plan” was more than just planning out Isaiah’s future, but it was a way to celebrate who he is as a person as well as how we as a community can come together to help birth forth his dreams, gifts, and callings.

For those of you who may not know, Isaiah Hoskins is my younger brother, and ever since I was aged five or so, I was told he was diagnosed with autism which made him “different” from myself and other children in our age group. When asked to be a part of his journey of coming up with a person centered plan through the Arcadia Institute, there was no hesitation of course. I remember the day that we all sat down and came up with a person centered plan for Isaiah and thought to myself “Man, why didn’t I get this in high school?, better yet why didn’t we do this sooner for Isaiah?” I was immediately excited, grateful, and ecstatic to have Jennifer Goodwill as his Community Broker and to find out Deborah Warfield, a life-long friend of the family was involved with this organization.

As an outcome of the positive results that I am seeing each day from Isaiah’s growth, I wanted to be involved on a deeper level. I am thrilled to announce that I am part of the Arcadia Institute team as a Community Broker. This is my way of giving back to an organization that has given my family so much growth and hope for the future. I hope that I can help other individuals like my brother, find their identity in their own communities and feel safe in the world around them.