What people said about the DVD "Living with Autism in Our Community"

This week our Blog was created by Hyun Berkley, Assistant Community Participation Initiative Coordinator Since the production of “Living with Autism in Our Community” in 2009, we have shown the DVD to over 300 people. The Showings were at the churches, schools, service clubs, businesses and parent groups. Here are some interesting comments from the Showings:

  • I will think differently about children when they are reacting to things in their environment.
  • The sibling piece was great because a lot of people don’t think about the siblings and how they are impacted.
  • The video is a good reminder of how families are affected and what their everyday life is like
  • The film made one aware of the “spectrum” in autism.
  • Children and families do not ask for a disability, that disability is not a choice.
  • I thought that I knew quite a bit about Autism as a professional. What I realized is that I make assumptions that may not be true. I need to get to know the families better.
  • The way the video is presented is awesome - while it is informative - it really tells an emotional story that touches not only the intellect but also the heart.
  • Can the narrative be translated into Spanish - or can there be Spanish subtitles?
  • One teacher said that she felt that this group would respond very differently to children in the future, given our presentation and the DVD
  • People with autism have talents also. We, as a community, need to spend time finding out what they are.
  • One girl said that she would like to talk to someone with Autism to get to know the person better
  • I believe this message will have an impact with the community and make a difference for both parents and children

If you are interested in purchasing the “Living with Autism in Our Community” DVD please go to our website - www.thearcadiainstitute.org then click on “what we do”. If you would like us to come to present/show the DVD, please contact Allison Hammond at ahammond@thearcadiainstittue.org.