A Cheerful Story

Andrea and Kiley (not their real names) are sisters who have had many challenges in their lives. Two years ago, they really wanted to try competitive cheerleading, but funding was an issue. So first we paid for them to enroll in a program. Later that year, the girls’ cheer team made it to the state tournament, but they didn’t have the skirts for their uniforms. So we helped them with that expense. Then, this family seemed to vanish when we called to see how the tournament had gone.

Flash forward to this past week. We were contacted by a Parent Support Partner from Advocacy Services for Kids (ASK) who told us about two girls who were part of a cheer team that was going to the National Championship Tournament in Las Vegas, NV. The mother had saved enough money for most of the expenses, but needed help with the entry fee. Sure enough – it was Andrea and Kiley! Of course we cheerfully helped! We are delighted that we have been a part of the girls participating in an activity they obviously love!

Congratulations to them and we wish them all the best at the National Championship Tournament!