The Local Boy Scout Council Used the Commitment to Inclusion Checklist

The blog this week was written by by Daniel Busby, Field Service Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America. Our work to serve our community through accessibility and accommodation has recently taken another progressive step. After the Arcadia Institutes Spring Forum the local Boy Scout Council asked all of its employees to participate in taking the “Commitment to Inclusion Checklist”. The results of which were intriguing.

What the local Scout Executive learned: • Although I may have accepted a readiness and desire to make accommodations for persons with a wide range of ability; that position or stance has not been thoroughly communicated and/or articulated to my staff.

• As the leader, I need to be more diligent and outspoken about our team’s participation and direction in adopting and driving operations that identify how our programs can be knowingly open for others.

• Generally our organization faired well in how we have leadership and administration organized. I am especially proud that we do not create “separated or segregated” programs intentionally but instead attempt to promote universally involved opportunities.

• I learned that generally our staff has a desire to provide support for individuals with disabilities. They expressed a willingness to be flexible, innovative, and a desire to learn more.

• Our weaknesses include but are not limited to accessible camp facilities, low vision accommodation, sign language accommodation, continuous evaluation, and diversity of written materials.

There is more that can be gleaned from our survey process, but as you are reading this you can witness I have my work cut out for me; so just like you let’s get back to work on the things that matter… bettering a good community into a great community; A Community where All People Belong!