The Arcadia Institute: A View from a Board Member

This week our blog was written by Judy Huth, The Arcadia Institute Board of Directors Following a career in the business world, I changed directions and became the Executive Director of the Volunteer Center of Greater Kalamazoo (now Volunteer Kalamazoo). This gave me the opportunity to connect thousands of people with volunteer activities and promote civic engagement, while helping hundreds of local nonprofits to achieve their missions. When I retired from that position two years ago, George Martin approached me about serving on the Board of Directors for The Arcadia Institute.

I don’t have any professional background or expertise in the disability arena, but the mission of the Institute really resonated with me. I have seen so many people benefit from volunteering, both in feelings of accomplishment and developing new skills, but also in the social connections and the feeling of being a contributing part of their community. It struck me that the staff members at the Institute were making it possible for another important segment of our community to realize those same benefits – benefits that might not be easily realized without their exceptional knowledge and expertise.

I want my community to be a vibrant, healthy place where people can enjoy a fulfilling life without unnecessary barriers in their way. Working with the Institute has raised my awareness of the challenges faced by those with disabilities. As a community volunteer, I can help remove some of those barriers. I’m proud to be associated with the work of The Arcadia Institute because I know they are directly impacting the lives of my neighbors and are improving the quality of life for everyone they touch.

--Judy Huth, Board of Directors