2012: A Big Year for The Arcadia Institute

When we look ahead to 2012 we see bright futures for more people with disabilities in our community. There are big things happening for us in 2012! First, we will be adding to our network of community organizations committed to Kalamazoo: A Community Where All People Belong. On March 15, the 3rd annual Forum (Building a Community of Belonging: A Forum of The Arcadia Institute and Its Partners) will be held at the Transformations Spiritual Center at Nazareth. We are please that John McKnight, Co-Director of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute will be our guest facilitator. John has a long history of experience of community building locally, nationally and internationally. You can read more about John here.

Beginning in January, The Arcadia Institute officially has a partnership with the Developmental Disabilities Institute at Wayne State University. The project is called The Michigan Family Support Initiative. Institute Staff will be serving as Community Liaisons and helping to provide information and support for individuals to be fully aware of all of the options for living arrangements and full participation in community activities of their choice. This project will serve 30 individuals through September 2012.

These activities add up to more people with disabilities becoming welcomed and supported so that community is the center of their lives.

“We all know that community must be the center of our lives because it is only in community that we can be citizens. It is only in community that we can find care. It is only in community that we can hear people singing. And if you listen carefully, you can hear the words: “I care for you.” John McKnight