Volunteer Recognition

Recently, one of our participants who volunteers was honored with an award at Heritage Community. We received this information from Barb Fish who is the volunteer coordinator: Holitan received recognition as Adult Volunteer of the Year at our Annual Volunteer Recognition Breakfast on May 13th. He began volunteering at Heritage Community in 2010 at the Upjohn Care Center where he calls Bingo once a week. Our Best Friends Training teaches volunteers how to have "KNACK" when engaging with residents. Holitan's KNACK, as a Best Friend, is his wonderful voice in calling Bingo. He is enthusiastic, cheerful, and demonstrates patience and compassion with everyone around him. Holitan is very committed to volunteering and is a good example of our mission "to celebrate life and honor the soul."

Thanks to Heritage Community for being so welcoming and supportive of Holitan for over a year. And congratulations to Holitan for his commitment!