What is being asked of our community?

I have watched the DVD Living with Autism in Our Community numerous times. Every time, I am struck by the simplicity of what the parents in the DVD say in response to the question “What can the community do"? They ask for their children to be welcomed, supported, and accepted for the individuals they are. One mom simply says that her son didn’t choose to have autism, and is it really so much to ask the community to give him some grace. Another mother asks that the community become more educated about disabilities in order to be aware of how to support her son.

These are not large, complicated or expensive requests. The community can honor them and The Arcadia Institute is here to help. We support organizations and individual instructors who open their doors to everyone in the community. Through our Building a Community of Belonging Forum, The Arcadia Institute and Its Partners are offering an opportunity for many more people, organizations and businesses to learn how to develop Kalamazoo and other communities into places that are responsible for ensuring that all people are participating in life as they choose.

Join us on March 16 and 17 for Building a Community of Belonging: A Forum of The Arcadia Institute and Its Community Partners. You can learn more about our upcoming Forum here.

by Allison Hammond, The Arcadia Institute