Another Poem from the 2016 Building a Community of Belonging Forum

The blog this week was written by Dr. Allison Hammond, Executive Director of The Arcadia Institute. Anyone who has ever gone to a new school, job, church or any place for that matter can feel uncomfortable. But what if you are a person who has disability? Would you have extra worries about being welcomed, supported and respected? In the poem below please note just how very important it is for those of who see a new person come into a place we know well to take the time to help them feel that they BELONG.

New at school and I had

no friends.

But you took the time to

help me out and clue me in.

and helped me make new friends

There’s no one else I would

have wanted to include me

in. . .

To this very day You are

my only best friend

It all started that day

You helped me fit in.

-- Arrion Hill

For more information about the Connect Kalamazoo Network and The Arcadia Institute please contact Allison Hammond at or 269-217-2205.